Reduction of diffusion time with permeability enhancement

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Reducing Time of Remediation at Clay and Fractured Rock Site: Marrying Permeability Enhancement with Remediation Chemistries (Zero Valent Iron and Heavy Metals Treatment)

This presentation briefly reviews chemical reduction with Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) and emplacement methods of fracking grade ZVI into low permeability sites with clay or fractured rock. Both field strategies and engineering approaches are discussed for three case study examples.

Zero Valent Iron (ZVI):
ZVI is a proven remediation technology since 1970’s and performs exceptionally well at in-situ applications for groundwater treatment by injection or permeable reactive barriers and has performed well at vadose zone soil mixing applications as well. ZVI has been an economical solution compared to other available products on its own and is a commonly added material to many proprietary blends of products available globally in the remediation products market.

Heavy Metals Remediation:

Heavy metals remediation is a process where chemical reagents like Metals Treatment Solution (i.e. MTS®) are applied to soil or injected into soil or groundwater to form a stable and insoluble precipitate resulting in reduced leachability of the target heavy metals. Remediation of metals in soil, groundwater, mine tailings, industrial waste, gun ranges or other media is accomplished by chemical, physical or biological technologies resulting in immobilization (e.g., ion exchange, complexation, precipitation or stabilization), sequestration (i.e., sorption), solidification (e.g. cementation) and/or reduction in bioavailability.

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